Feeling Moody?

Hello, hello! Us again. We're so lucky for all the love we've received over the past 48 hours—thank you all for being so awesome! Today, we wanted to show you some of the things that inspire us [[and hopefully give you a little inspiration for the upcoming holiday!]]. Whether it's for a project we're working on or a party we're hosting, it all starts with the visuals. Pinterest is a fantastic starting place, but when it comes to narrowing down, we love a good, old-fashioned mood board. The glory to a mood board? There's no right or wrong, and the options are limitless as to how you create yours! Go old-school and pull images from magazines (my fave), screengrab Instagram or Pinterest images, gather pretty fabrics or papers, pull content from your favorite blogs, companies, or Etsy shops...anything that inspires you belongs on your board. So, with the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a little taste of what's inspiring us when it comes to the centerpiece of the holiday—the Thanksgiving table!

And bonus—leaf place cards (see below)! Gather a few leaves from outside (the crunchier, the better!), grab a gold marker, and make pretty place cards for your guests. It's an easy and practically free craft to add a natural touch to the table.

[[A little behind what inspired the mood board]]
From N: "I'm knee-deep in plans for hosting Thanksgiving this year, so my mood board is all about the big feast. I LOVE to host, but sometimes I have a hard time narrowing ideas—especially when it comes to food. I figure there's no such thing as too much food (that's not actually true), especially with my family, who earned the nickname "the hyenas" for our ravenous, mildly grotesque attack on foods of all kinds (chips & salsa don't stand a chance). Three kinds of stuffing for 6 1/2 people? Why not? A turkey AND a ham? Don't mind if I do! And even though the fellas will be glued to the TV watching football all day, I can't help but be inspired by the gorgeous fall colors and change of seasons...and let that carry over to our dining room table. Plus, we registered for rose gold place settings, and I am BEYOND excited to bust them out for the first time. Below is my "mood board" for our Thanksgiving table. This is going to be the prettiest damn Thanksgiving my family has ever had...now, could you please pass the pie?"


xx. peace, love, flyover.