FDC vs. Online Wedding Invitation Companies (and Why We're SO Much More Bang for Your Buck)

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Okay gals…real talk for a sec.

Online wedding invitation companies. They’re great for a few things: mainly convenience, if you just don’t really care about your invites and want to check that little box next to wedding invitations on your Wedding To-Do Excel Doc (everyone has one of these, right?), or if you find a design on there that you LOVE – one that encompasses your day perfectly and makes your wedding feel whole. If this is the case for you, more power to you, that’s seriously great and so simple. Boom. Done. Check. BUT, if you want a cohesive, branded look for your day that can carry from everything from the save the date through to the favors and programs and signage…maybe online wedding invite companies ain’t right for ya. And maybe that’s where we come in.

“But it’s so much more expensive! We can’t afford it!”

We’ve had plenty of brides reach out over the past two years for pricing, and once receiving our basic pricing guide, they’ve said that we’re out of their budget and that they’ll have to use an online paper company instead. And while we totally understand the importance of sticking to a budget, there is a BIG misconception that these online services are cheaper. Sure, you go to the website and are sucked in with the pricing for 50 invitations. But bump that up to the actual amount you need and add in a few additional cards and woofta – that shiz adds up.


For our upcoming REV pitch on Dec 1st (EEK WE’RE SERIOUSLY SO NERVOUS ABOUT IT), we put together a graphic that shows basic offerings from Minted.com and Wedding Paper Divas (both super popular online invitation companies that are often referenced by brides) compared against some of our standard pricing. Now, this doesn’t include all the bells and whistles, and yes, we get that these companies often offer discounts (um, we do too!) and free add-ons like foil or envelope addressing, but when it comes to the actual designs? Check that out. We’re cheaper.

And you know what else? These online offerings aren’t custom. And we are. All of our designs are unique, made to fit your specific wedding. So in reality, our prices should be more but hey, we love you guys, so we keep our pricing as affordable as possible so that we can be a part of your big day.

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Alas, I digress. The point of this blog post isn’t to bash these companies. I think they’re fantastic and prior to Flyover, I even ordered from Minted a time or two. Their quality is great and because of their company's size and resources, they are able to offer a few fancier design services at a premium price. What we’re saying is, not only is our pricing comparable (if not cheaper!), but we’re also providing you with a custom design - you’re not receiving a pre-designed piece that you simply swap out copy in (although we offer those, too – check them out here!). We’re creating paper goods created specifically for you, your wedding, your venue, and your experience. They’re custom and we work hand in hand with you until you get the look you’ve been dreaming of – the look that perfectly encompasses your vision. And the process is fun! We love working with our brides (and get all teary-eyed looking back on some of our faves!). It’s like making a bunch of new friends that in a lot of cases you’ve never actually met in person (plus getting to creep on weddings and see a bride’s full vision come to life is seriously so fun).

So, if paper goods are something you’re passionate about and you want that cohesive experience, contact us! We’ll work with you to try to stick to your budget and make your paper good dreams happen :)


Xo - N